Building Design

Building Design Basics for College Grads

College graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in building design may be interested in finding out more about interior design schools or architecture colleges that would give them specialized knowledge in the field. An interior designer is basically responsible for carrying out interior architecture related work for buildings. They are focused in design jobs which require them to come up with interiors that are aesthetic and functional.

Career Qualifications

In order to get a job as a project architect for instance, it would be best to get a minimum of a bachelor’s degree if not a master’s degree from a reputed university. Alternatively, those who specifically want to specialize in interior design can enroll themselves in interior design schools. These schools train students to create a high quality environment. While studying at an interior design school, students are trained to use interior design software that would allow them to draw, design and even solve design related problems.

Work & Salary

Successful graduates from accredited interior design schools can look forward to careers in the commercial sector, designing commercial and retail spaces, hospitality industries, residences and even theatres. One of the basics of building for design jobs would be to effectively utilize the space given to transform it into something functional yet aesthetic appealing. Apart from finding work in interior design firms, some designers are able to secure jobs as design consultants for the civil service. After gaining sufficient amount of experience, designers can then choose to open their own ventures offering interior design services. The salary for interior designers varies with experience, place of residence and place of work.  As expected, large urban cities will generally pay more than small suburbs.

In sum, college graduates aspiring to pursue a career in building design can expect a promising training program, equipping them with the necessary skills and career thereafter.