Art Deco Architecture

What You Need to Know About Art Deco Architecture

We all look into our house interior design at some point in time. Often, those who are bent on creating a total overhaul of their homes will go through the efforts of choosing specific artistic deigns or architectural styles originating from a particular period in time. Just like fashion, even architectural style change with time. Despite this, one architectural style that was prominent during the 20th century has managed to resist change and be popular even today.

About Art Deco Architecture

In the 20th century, a prominent architectural style was the art deco. It rapidly gained in popularity as having high aesthetic appeal. Such was the appeal that art deco was commonly seen everywhere. Somewhere along the way, art deco lost its popularity but is now back in trend again. It is believed that that it was the discovery of King Tut that introduced art deco as an architecture style. This was because the tomb of King Tut had designs which then became common features of art deco architecture.

Volumes have been written about this movement and its effect on popular culture. Examples of the style can be found everywhere from train station architecture to advertising. People decorate in the style by using posters, paintings and prints representative of the period. This is a style of luxury and opulence. Clean geometric lines, bright chrome and offbeat materials that were sometimes quite expensive to work with, made it stand out in contrast to the styles that had come before it. The early examples of this style featured black and white zebra stripe styles, but this later evolved to include more colors.

Art Deco Today

In recent times, art deco is much sought after as a style to be used for house interior designs and house architecture as a whole. Appreciating the exquisiteness of art décor, people are willing to spend large fortunes to deck up their homes with things associated with art déco. Interior design jobs often involve procuring artifacts and furniture that are reminiscent of the art deco era.