Architecture Types

Architecture Types & Their Purposes

Buildings are important to every one of us in some way or the other. Buildings serve as shelter for residential purposes, commercial purposes and so on. Unlike the ancient times, when people used to use caves as shelter, with the evolution of time, this has transformed greatly. Now, there are many types of shelter with house architecture taking many shapes and forms.

Changes in Architecture Types

In present time, it is undeniable that there house architecture has taken on many styles. While many of them are ancient styles, each architecture type is unique and served a purpose of its own. With the passage of time, these ancient architecture types have involved into modern architecture. Let us now look at some of the main architecture types that have existed and currently exist.

Architecture Types

Probably the oldest type of architecture began around 3000BC during the Egyptian civilization. The influence of this architecture type resulted in grand looking structures. The main purpose of the Egyptian architecture style was to please the Gods. Soon after the Egyptian style evolved, the Greeks introduced their own distinctive architecture which was simplicity blended with sheer beauty. Reflected in structures like the Temple of Athens and The Pyramid of Giza, the purpose of these buildings was also mainly to please the Gods. Yet another architecture type is the Chinese one. The Chinese architecture type is largely still used in places like China and elements of it being seen in interior and exterior architectures of some Chinese restaurants around the world. The Chinese architectural style can be easily identified with its horizontal axis and floating rooftop. Another architecture type is the Roman style which is easily identified with its arches and served to exude beauty. Islam also had its own architecture type and this was largely based on arches, geometry and calligraphy. These served to reflect the Islamic religion and the tenets.

More recently in modern times, architecture is a blend of all the various other styles of architecture. The main purpose of modern day architecture is to ensure that the element of practicality is maintained and is safe for use.