Architecture Style

Selecting the Right Architectural Style

We all have dreams and visions about how we want our home to be. Of course, whether we can afford to create our dream architectural style for our home is a different question altogether. Everyone’s dream home is different from the other and can be influenced by many things. For instance, one may have been inspired by pictures in a magazine while another may have been inspired by a movie that she saw. As far as house architecture is concerned, there are some common designs which are predominantly being used for custom made building of homes. However, it is important that you select the right architectural style for your needs and budget.

Different Styles

There are essentially 3 main broad architectural styles that can be listed out. The bungalow style home is generally cozy and come either with or without car garages. The house architecture renders narrow but deep homes and can be of multiple stories. Another style is that of the colonial one which are easily identified by their symmetrical rectangular shape. Finally, another popular architectural style is the cape cod. This style has its origin in England and is known for its roof which is low, broad and steep.

Factors Influencing Selection

If you are looking to custom make your home, the land space at your disposal would be a factor influencing the architectural style that you choose. Work with your project architect to explain your needs. This way, he will be able to ensure that you are making the right architectural choice based on the space that you have. Cost is another factor that would influence the choosing of the architectural style for your home. The right architectural style is one that would work well within the budget you have laid out. Sometimes, your budget may allow you to combine elements from various architectural styles to create the perfect one for you. Discuss options with a professional project architect before going ahead with any style.