Architecture and Design

Know More about Modern Architecture and Design which follows ‘International Style’

Our ancestors needed a way to worship their revered deities and this was when architecture first emerged out of a necessity. Even the buildings constructed during the Mesopotamian and Egyptian era reflect a relation between religion and people underlining the fact that impressive and functional homage spaces existed even then. Architecture began to take a new form during the Greek and Roman period when the buildings were impressive, massive with their structures testing many boundaries of design. Architecture and design during those times was based more on civic concern rather than religion. Today architecture and design are based on environment. 

Few things to know about Architecture and design

To know more about architecture and design, one must consider a study of structure, texture, form, materials, mass, space and costs before designing any space or building. Today’s architect should have a broad outlook and good grasp over science, engineering and mathematics while an interest in arts, drawing will definitely help to function better. Professional architects these days concentrate on specific types of architecture rather than on just general architecture. Like a church architect concentrates only on religious structures while a landscape architect designs landscapes solely.

Modern architecture and design

Modern architecture and design solely deals with the buildings and structures built in the modern style. Such a style is also known as ‘International style’ or ‘Modernism’. This style began in the early 20th century and post World War 2, it went on to become a dominant style. Today architecture and design is seeing a diversity of style and the modern architect is typically working on the commercial and institutional buildings rather than on single – family residential dwellings. Large architectural firms comprising of a team of architects are associated with the architecture and designing of institutional buildings, corporate houses, and skyscrapers. Technology and modernity are reflected in the current architecture and design. With a functionalistic approach to design, a modern architect puts function over form and strives to eliminate the ornamentation aspect while expressing the building’s structure in the design.

A licensed architect can maintain his certificate by complying with continuing education requirements that keep him updated about the building codes, construction techniques and engineering advances related to architecture and design.