Architecture Classes

How to Evaluate the Right Architectural Course for You

An Architecture program can be time consuming and difficult. You can pursue a technical certificate course, a non professional degree or a professional degree in Architecture. The technical certificate course will last for about 12 to 52 weeks, the non professional degree course is of 4 years to complete and the professional degree program can be of 5 to 7 years long. There are two types of Professional degree programs namely- Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA). Both these programs lead to licensure and offer to graduate study.

Choosing an Architectural School

First you need to decide whether you want to pursue a certificate course, a non professional course or a professional degree program; you also need to decide which area of specialization would interest you and you have to decide the related special features of each course like facilities, internship, study abroad information and then other factors. All these points will help you to evaluate which course with what specialization interests you to help you proceed further.

Some steps to evaluate each program of Architecture

  • Check the websites of the different schools, colleges and University or program departments to view details about the courses they offer, fees, faculty, admission criteria and accreditation.
  • You can personally visit the campuses if possible and get first hand information of the facilities they offer.
  • You can have a meeting with the admission counselor or advisor to learn more about the institute and its courses which can lend you a perspective to your decision.
  • You can consult the internet for all extra information like awards, achievements etc of the institutions.
  • You can check the concerned websites to check in or check out any particular program/ college.
  • You can have a chat with the concerned human resource department related to the colleges and verify about their recruitment process and style.
  • You can go through the testimonial of the old students through some social networking websites like Face book, etc.

All these will surely help you to evaluate the best architecture program that suits you.