Architecture Career

The Road to an Architectural Career

We all need places to live, work, play and eat. An Architect conceptualizes these needs into building images which are constructed in brick and mortar by other specialists. An Architect’s project may be small, large or in between these two. An Architect has to co-relate the design and budget requirements of a client or community using his creativity, talent or decision making and his final designs go to be made as live buildings, Mega structures and community cities later. Thus an architectural job is not just thrilling but demanding too. He may have to work for long hours with no holidays too sometimes.

Basic step in becoming an architect

A student interested in becoming an architect should obtain a professional degree which is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) which is a basic requirement.

Other criteria for Architectural career

In addition to getting a professional accredited degree in Architecture, a trainee architect who wants to become a licensed and practicing architect should undergo prior experience through an intern ship program. For this he can work in any small architectural firm, large architectural firm or with any credited engineer and contractor. This internship program lasting for three to five years ensures in gaining a thorough knowledge and skills required for an independent architect career. In most US states and territories, this internship development program is offered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB). A student has to obtain a pass in The Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) offered electronically at various testing centers around the US. Some divisions of this exam are;

  • Programming, planning and practice.
  • Building Design and construction system.
  • Site planning and design.
  • Structural systems.
  • Schematic Designs.
  • Construction Documents and Services.
  • Building systems.

A pass in the ARE evaluates the trainee’s competence to provide architectural services and he can apply for a licensed registration to set up a career in Architecture.