Architectural Schools

A Review of Architecture School Helps to Choose One

With hundreds of universities and colleges offering classes in Architecture and other related fields, choosing the best school leaves you a bit baffled. An easy way out of this muddle is to catch a review of the architecture school before enrolling in one.

Aiming an architectural degree can be done using different paths. One such is to enroll in a 5 years Bachelors or a Masters in architectural program. Another route is to first earn a Bachelors degree in art, mathematics or engineering and then go to a graduate school for 2-3 years Masters in architecture. Such approaches do have their own advantages and disadvantages. In that case seek the advice of an academic counselor.

Review of the Architecture School for Architecture School Rankings

You can start with checking the review of the architecture school ranking. You can take the help of manuals like America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools to tally the various criteria of different schools. A review of the architecture school helps immensely to know about its ranking among other schools and also about the university programs that it offers. For more information you can get in touch with the old students alumni, call for send away catalogues or visit a few prospective schools.

Checking the accreditation programs by a review of the architecture school

Each state or country has its own requirements to be met for you to become a licensed architect. Completing an architecture program which has been approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) or the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) are ways to meet the requirements to become a licensed architect. Before enrolling in a particular architecture course, do make sure that it meets the criteria that are established by the country where you have decided to live and work. Some accreditation like the WASC does not meet the educational requirements needed for licensing.

Not all careers related to architecture require a degree from an accredited architecture program. In case you want to pursue a work in a related field like digital design, home design or drafting, you can ideally enroll in a technical school or an art school.

An online research helps you to review the architecture school which is offering accredited or non accredited architecture program.