Architect Degree

Some Requirements for an Architect Degree

A course in Bachelor of Architecture or a Master in Architecture degree accredited from a school accredited by The National Association of Architecture Boards (NAAB) is the requirement needed to practice as an architect in the US. Such a degree and a work experience as a paid intern at a firm run by any licensed architects qualifies the candidate to obtain a license.

Some requirements for acceptance into schools of Architecture

Basically an undergraduate student who wants to work for a professional graduate degree in architecture should have an aptitude and commitment towards the profession. A few requirements are:

  • A solid background in Physical Science with Math.
  • A strong proficiency in oral and written communication.
  • An ability to fully conceptualize projects.
  • An ability to sketch and draw with ease.
  • A vivid interest in Humanities.

An overview of the Architecture degree program

The Bachelor in Architecture degree lasts for five years. In the first year, students are exposed to an architectural course combined with a general education requirement which can typically be Math, English, History, Science and a foreign language. The architectural syllabus in the first two years is limited to introductory topics. A great deal of time is devoted to the study of design through out the course of architecture undergraduate program. Students produce projects while participating in round table discussions with their peers and professors. Also the undergraduate students have to study courses in structural and mechanical engineering, behavioral science and economics. In addition students will undergo a course in graphic art in various media and computer aided designs and computer graphics. At some point in the background, students are familiarized with the history of human buildings and some other optional courses like contract documents, architectural technology and so on. Also a study of mathematics and physics as preparation for the study of engineering static and vector forces becomes imperative.