Architectural Career

Some Basic Ideas to Plan a Career in Architecture


Architecture by itself is a vast field and a career in architecture will depend on the choice and interest of a potential architect in search of an architectural job. Some different fields in architectural engineering are architectural design, landscape architecture, urban design, planning, computer imaging, solar design and technology, community development, interior design to name a few. If the potential architect is interested in creativity and the artistic side of architecture, he can opt for a career in architectural design rather than the engineering aspect of this field.

An architectural designer needs to focus on designing structures like the residential buildings, commercial buildings and bridges and so on. Even here he can opt for specific area like educational institutions, residential structures and others. Fundamentally a prospective architect should have an eye on the aesthetic and functional aspect of the project that is to be designed. The architectural salaries can differ by location and does increase with experience.

Some Basic Requirements necessary to apply for an Architectural Career

As in any professional career even an architectural career will require a CV of the potential candidate pursuing an architectural job. He can attach other references like plans and projects undertaken during the course of his student tenure or any other prior employment. He should be familiar with renovation practices and institutional construction. Along with his resume, he can attach a formal application, motivational letters and letters of crecedence. Doing so will speak volumes about his suitability and the knowledge in the related field.

Some other Aspects necessary to Pursue an Architectural Career

An architect has to work in a team and hence being a good communicator would help him a lot. He should have a keen sense of imagination and an ability to incorporate a project from schematic design through construction in paper and other construction management. He should be able to multitask through different projects while fulfilling other organizational tasks. He should be prudent in the design building methods of a project release. Further he should be good in written and oral communication and other management abilities.